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  1. CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    Honestly? I'd love to see this with schooling, I wish another mon had it.
  2. CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    WIP So uh... whatever this is! Starfish, literally, it's like a scaly star but like... 5 different Pokemon working as one or something? I put some terribly drawn scales on it to give the multiscale but like... don't hate it, feedback open plz and ty.
  3. CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    Fiiiiiine moooom, I'll post opinions. There's a lot so let's get started. If I don't say anything about your design then I don't have anything to really say. Me - Obviously the best design here, like, where is the competition here? (This is obviously a joke) Gaboswampert - Probably the first...
  4. CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    WIP The man was really just drawn on a paper as a basic "get it out of my head design" but tbh I kinda like him- I was really surprised when people didn't think of a beach ball when thinking of fast but bulky, so it's my idea now you can't steal him from me he is too precious. I'll probably...
  5. CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP Ight, change of plans... now I have some sorta newt/lizard made of lava coming out of a jack-in-the-box. I just liked the design better, shading and such will come later, just giving a basic drawing for now, and yes, the box is on it's back
  6. CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP God... you look away from this site for a couple seconds and they are making a new mon already... well, idk what this is yet, but it's made of sweets, I still don't know if it's a marshmallow or dough yet... but i'll expand on the idea later.
  7. CAP 31 - Part 16 - Flavor Ability Poll 1

    Hydration Own Tempo Sand Spit
  8. CAP 31 - Part 15 - Pokedex Submissions

    WIP Saharaja, the Sultan Pokémon Sword: The jewels on it's back are worth more than a fortune, but Saharaja take pride in their jewels as well and will do all in their power to keep them safe. Shield: Saharaja can be found inside of old desert ruins, they treat it like a palace and even have...
  9. CAP 31 Prevo - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Sandamel Sand + Camel Pronounced: "San - damn- mole"
  10. CAP 31 - Part 14 - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    Tommaniacal Darquezze Amamama Pipotchi JAGFL chartung17 NoahIOTJ
  11. CAP 31 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll

  12. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Poll 3

  13. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Poll 2

    Humparumph Saharaja
  14. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Poll 1

    Humparumph Zirkhan Rajamel
  15. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Diamump Diamond + Hump Die - Mum - P
  16. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

    WIP 3 Diamump Diamond + Hump Die - Mum - P
  17. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

    WIP 2 Berliaja Berlian (diamond in Malay) + Raja (King in Malay) Ber - Lee - Ah - Jah It quite literally says Diamond King
  18. CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

    WIP 1 Camerchant Camel + Merchant Pronounced: kam-ər-CHənt